Client Perceptions

Bond-A-Matic Case Study: Get or No Move?

Loctite can go ahead and launch Bond-A-Matic as action to the well-established manufacturer as this represents an organized opportunity for the business. Our recommendation is based on asking the following inquiries: i) Do they offer a demand for Bond-A-Matic and precisely what is the right market segment for this? ii) Should Bond-A-Matic carry the Loctite company? iii) How can Bond-A-Matic easily fit in Loctite's organization portfolio? iv) Will the move be ideal and how does it affect Loctite's competitors? We analyzed these questions by employing tools just like Ansoff's Matrix and BCG's growth-share structure to come up with further more recommendations for the Loctite group. The instant glue market has been growing 10% a year plus the cyanoacrylates (CAs) market, especially, twice as quickly. A Market Research Study determined that " 26% of current users be ready to increase their usage of instant adhesives and 51% express involvement in improving dispensing technology” (Exhibit 3). Bond-A-Matic, a nonclogging dispensing option designed for flow line workers who experience problems using regular CA wine bottles due to blockage, is positioned properly to address a problem and take full advantage of a growing industry. The right segmentation strategy for Bond-A-Matic is to target small to middle size companies which has a low demand (below your five pounds/year) for CAs. Exhibit 3 implies that the scale of adhesive intake in limited on a per organization basis: " 11% of firms applying instant adhesive purchased 15 or more pounds annually; 29% purchased between one and nine pounds”. In addition , huge companies are most likely already using the high-end Loctite dispensers and it would not make sense pertaining to Bond-a-Matic to compete with different Loctite products. As a result, to focus on the section Loctite ought to underscore some great benefits of Bond-A-Matic as an easy to use, cost effective tool that increases productivity, which is a crucial consideration intended for small flow line companies.......