Health and Safety in Construction

Task 1 - Roles and Responsibilities 1 ) The people who are in charge of health and security on a job: a) Site Manager b) Assistant Site Manager The assistant internet site manger position will be keeping records associated with safety e. g. statutory inspections, including records essential by CDM for threat management elizabeth. g. sub-contractors method claims etc and anything else essential by sculpture or as part of the Construction Period Plan and by the relevant types of procedures in the installers Manual of Quality, Protection and the Environment. In addition to this the assistant site manager would be consistent with the actual employer and site administrator wishes that to be and which will be dependent or limited to the level of the assistant site managers competence specially in relation to the health and safety issues. c) CDM Co-ordinator The key duties of CDM co-ordinators are to advise and support the client in meeting their very own duties as a client underneath the Regulations, particularly the duty to: • • appoint competent designers and contractors make certain adequate preparations are in position for controlling the task notify HSE about the project co-ordinate design function, planning and also other preparation for construction, where relevant to health and safety discover and gather the pre-construction information and advise your customer if studies need to be entrusted to load significant breaks provide quickly – in addition to a easy form – to those involved with the design of the structure, and also to every service provider (including the key contractor) who have may be or has been equiped by the consumer, such areas of the pre-construction information as are relevant control the circulation of into the safety info between clients, designers and contractors guide the client around the suitability from the initial building phase plan and the agreements made to make sure welfare features are on web page from the start create or bring up to date a relevant user-friendly health and security file suitable for use at the conclusion of the construction phase


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d) The Planning Supervisor The look supervisor has got the responsibility to co-ordinate the and Safety aspects of the look and planning phase – prepare the early stages from the H& H plan – advise clients of the competence and adequate resource from the Principal Contractor – make sure that a health and safety apply for each composition is delivered to the client in completion

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e) Principal Builder The Principal service provider carries out the next duties and responsibilities: • Take account of health insurance and safety issues when preparing their tender or quotes • Rule out unauthorised folks from the web page • Co-operate with the preparing supervisor • Develop the hand t plan • Co-ordinate activities of all companies to ensure that that they comply with the hand s plan • Provide information and teaching of business employers and the self-employed about health insurance and safety f) The Designers The designer creates drawings and written documents such as requirements. Where risks are unable to be ignored, adequate information must be supplied. Designers must ensure that: • Structures are made and specific to lower any conceivable risks at hand s during construction and subsequently through the maintenance • Adequate info is presented on feasible risks • Co-operation with Planning Supervisors g) The Sub Contractors These need to at all times co-operate with the main contractor on health and security matters – explain the way they will control the health and safery risks in their function? The sub-contractors have duties for the provision of other information towards the principal builder and to the employees. The a sole proprietor have similar duties to contractors. h) The Companies The organisations must ensure they are able to allocate sufficient assets, including time and expense to allow the task to be carried out safely and when necessary a Planning Supervisor is employed. Only competent and adequetly resourced people are employed. Construction...