Hr Recruitment Process

Recruitment & Hiring Process

1 Goal:

Support the organization ability to acquire, retain & develop the best Talent & Skills. Decide present & future personnel requirements of the organization in order to achieve its goals & objectives. Finally meeting the organization's legal & sociable obligations about the composition of its labor force.

2 Range:

It extends to the whole organization.

it addresses all firm employees:

(Porters, Runners, Individuals, Delegates, personnel, Jr. Management, Senior Supervision & Cadres)

3 Responsibility:

* Technological Direct Supervisor

* Human Resources

* Top rated Management

5 Definition:

The recruitment method is designed to personnel of the firm with the new employees, and it uses a number of recruitment sources to attract the right talent in the defined time.

* The recruitment procedure has a number of goals:

2. Find the best abilities for the vacancies

5. Manage the recruitment Sources

* Control the vacancies in the firm

* Work the internal recruiting process

* Building the strong HR technological platform

* Offer feedback about the styles in the job market.

Most recruitment goals aren't visible to managers immediately & each uses just sourcing of the job candidates as the main result from the recruitment process. HR has to utilize the other effects from the recruiting process as it is the source of valuable data.

5 Forms & Preservation time:


5. HR Kind #01 Employing Request Type (from Immediate Manager -----HR) * HUMAN RESOURCES Form #02 Job Description ( Immediate Manager & HR) 2. HR Kind #03 Interview Assessment (Direct Manager & HR) 5. HR Contact form #04 Offer Letter ( HR ) * HUMAN RESOURCES Form #05 Form Required equipments (HR------- IT) * HR Kind #06 Employing Papers Requirements (HR) * HR Type #07 Contract (HR) 5. HR Form #08 Operating Start contact form ( Direct Manager-------HR) 5. New Selecting Announcement ( Mail to any or all Staff)

* HR Kind #09 Examen period Evaluation (Direct Manager------- HR)

Retention period:

HR Kind #01: Preservation 1 year

HUMAN RESOURCES Form #02: Retention Long lasting

HR Form #03: Retention 1 year

HUMAN RESOURCES Form #03: Retention 1 year

HR Kind #04: Preservation Lasting

HUMAN RESOURCES Form #05: Retention Lasting

HR Type #06: Preservation Lasting

HOURS Form #07: Retention Lasting

HUMAN RESOURCES Form #08: Retention Enduring

HR Form #09: Retention 3 Months


A persons resources have got a period of 3 weeks in the day the request in order to fulfill the task vacancy.

6. Procedures:

* Step 1 : Identify Vacancy:

Recruitments provide for you to departments including aligning staff skill units to initiatives and goals and planning departmental and individual progress. Although there is work involved in the hiring process, right planning and evaluation with the need will lead to selecting the right person for the role and team. Recently Created Location

When it is determined a new position is needed, it is important to: * Understand and take into consideration ideal goals for the office. Are there any forthcoming changes which may impact this kind of role? Execute a quick evaluation of Key Competencies. Are there any gaps? What core abilities are lacking from the department? Evaluate the core skills needed now and others which may be necessary in the future. Perform a Job Examination if it will be fresh to your division. This will also help to discover gaps. Replacement

When attrition occurs, replacing the role is typically the logical step to...


* Labor Law

* Inner Regulations