Hrm, 12e (Dessler) Chapter four Job Examination

п»їHuman Resource Administration, 12e (Dessler)

Chapter 5 Job Research

1) Which will of the next terms refers to the procedure utilized to determine the duties associated with job positions and the features of the visitors to hire for those positions? A) job description

B) job specification

C) job research

D) work context

E) job normal

Solution: C

Justification: Job examination is the means of determining the duties of a specific task and the attributes of the people who would be best suited for the position. A job research produces the mandatory information to develop job points and task specifications. Diff: 1Page Ref: 116

Phase: 4

Goal: 1

Skill: Concept

2) The information caused by a job evaluation is used for writing ________. A) task descriptions

B) corporate aims

C) personnel questionnaires

D) training requirements

E) objective statements

Response: A

Reason: A job description is a list of what a task entails, and it is derived from a job analysis. Task analysis is a procedure whereby you identify the duties of job positions as well as the characteristics from the people that should be hired intended for the positions. Diff: 1Page Ref: 116

Chapter: some

Objective: 1

Skill: Concept

3) All of the following types of information probably will be accumulated by a recruiting specialist by using a job examination EXCEPT ________. A) work activities

B) human actions

C) functionality standards

D) human requirements

E) employee benefits options

Answer: Elizabeth

Explanation: Job activities, individual behaviors, work aids, functionality standards, job context, and human requirements are the types of information commonly collected by using a job research. Information gathered through a task analysis is employed to develop work descriptions and job technical specs. Managers make use of job examination for the purpose of recruiting, compensation, training, and performance appraisal but not pertaining to assessing worker benefits alternatives. Diff: 2Page Ref: 116

Chapter: some

Objective: 1

Skill: Principle

4) A manager uses the information in a job examination for all of the following EXCEPT ________. A) evaluating training requirements

B) making sure that you comply with FCC regulations

C) determining ideal compensation

D) recruiting and selecting persons for a work

E) providing exact performance evaluations

Answer: M

Explanation: Managers use data gathered from a job research for many activities including rendering performance assessments, recruiting, deciding compensation, and assessing teaching requirements. Work analysis takes on a major position in EEO (Equal Work Opportunity Commission) compliance but not with FCC (Federal Marketing communications Commission) regulations. Diff: 2Page Ref: 117

Chapter: 5

Objective: you

Skill: Idea

5) Which of the subsequent most likely depends upon a job's required expertise, education level, safety hazards, and degree of responsibility? A) employee reimbursement

B) company culture

C) annual teaching requirements

D) OSHA and EEO compliance

E) telecommuting opportunities

Answer: A

Description: Compensation as salaries and bonuses greatly depends upon a job's necessary skills, education level, protection hazards, and level of responsibility. Managers utilize job evaluation to determine the comparable worth of the specific work and the best suited compensation to get an employee. Difference: 2Page Ref: 117

Phase: 4

Aim: 1

Skill: Concept

6) In order for Hollis Construction being in full compliance with the Us citizens with Disabilities Act, the manager needs a ________ for each and every position to validate most human resource actions. A) overall performance appraisal

B) compensation routine

C) workflow system

D) quality control clerk

E) job evaluation

Answer: Electronic

Explanation: A career analysis is needed for each task at a good to ensure complying with the EEOC. According to the U. S. Government Agencies' Consistent Guidelines upon Employee Assortment, a job evaluation is needed to confirm...