Child Observation report

Amanda O'Dell

FSW two-hundred eighty-one: Child Development in Diverse Families

Kid Observation Survey

I seen children in the Eaton Child care Center Incorporation located on 310 S. Beech St in Eaton, Ohio.. It is located by two other Child care centers on a single street. My spouse and i picked this specific Center mainly because I have read a lot of big things about that and because it is a Christian centered facility, yet all are everyone should be open even if there is a different religious belief or non-e in any way. At the EDCC they have everyone from newborns, toddler, kindergarten, and school age about seven years old. They are really open Monday- Friday 6a. m. to 6p. meters. EDCC is known as a privately owned organization. They believe in not merely nurturing the children but supporting them discover morals, and values depending on religion. There are twenty kids enrolled in the classroom My spouse and i observed although there are usually simply nine to thirteen youngsters who arrive regularly. I was in one of the two preschool classes and there have been two primary teachers. We observed a girl and a boy and I will certainly call them Jim and Jane, which are not their real details. The class was divided up in 3 areas, the playing/story-time/nap-time room, the snack room/making activities space and the bathing rooms for girls/boys/adults. The play room had many sections in it just like the grocery/kitchen location, building blocks, books and coloring station, filled animals/veterinary region, calendars and seasons within the wall and the pictures with some of the issues they have produced and wanted to show off. There are stairs leading to the kindergarten room. The snack area has two big reddish colored tables with tiny blue chairs around it. Just about every chair is generally used and a few kids have to sit at a unique table in the corner for lack of space. Everything appears very close together and not a lot room for people to move around the rooms. This room contains a lot of things all over the walls, mostly points the kids make and provided to the teachers. They have a indication with their handprints that says " We could hands on students. ” The playground is correct outside the center in the backside, it has a swing-set, merry-go-round, a wooden link, wooden educate cars, jungle-gym with 3 different slides. There is also a picnic table, a basketball baskeball hoop and many various kinds of balls and things to get. The playground has rubble and pebbles for its bottom and concrete for the basketball place. The girl We observed " Jane, ” loves to have on pink and purple, her favorite colors. She has ugly brown frizzy hair and darkish eyes. She's biracial which is being brought up by her grandparents. Her mother is at and away of a mental facility and sometimes gets to find her. Jane is some years old planning to turn a few in a few weeks. She loves being outdoors and is very social towards others and she really loves playing sports and being active daily. She has a lisp and cannot say her " s” or " r” correctly. The boy " Jim” provides blonde frizzy hair and blue eyes. He could be five years of age and does a few different sports. He is very loud and demanding and gets into difficulty a lot due to his terms and activities. He is brought up in a single parent home by his father and consumes 10 hours a day, five days every week in the daycare (from six a. meters. to some p. m. every week day). Examples of Physical Abilities (Jane) (Jim)

1) On day 2 of observing which has been April 15, I noticed that Jane has good gross motor skills and displays those simply by skipping throughout the playroom. The girl can jump, run and play hopscotch. 2) She also shared with myself on working day 2 that she is in tap, brighten and tumbling. She can easily do summer-saults and the front flips. This lady has good equilibrium and can set her physique into the appropriate form to accomplish safely. 3) Every day during at leisure time I noticed Anne would go towards the arts and crafts furniture and will make cat playthings or some thing for others. She has no pincer knowledge when using pencils but the girl does when ever she uses markers or perhaps paint brushes. She's left-handed although sometimes buttons to her correct when color. She puts everything...