lenin factfile

twenty-two April 1870-Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was born in Simbirskon the Volga River, Russia. 

24 January 1887-Shortly following your death of his father hisbrother was executed (for plotting to kill the Tsar). 

1887-While their studies at the university in Kazan Leninbecomes linked to politics. This individual participates within a numberof protests, forms important alliances and organizes anumber of different personal groups. In December this individual isarrested. 

Lenin can be expelled from Kazan College or university because of hisopen rebellion and finishes his law studies in St . Petersburg. 

1893-Passes rules examination by St . Petersburg.

1893-Lenin becomes energetic in Marxist study group.

1896-Lenin is busted and is exiled to Serbia after spending 12 months in St Petersburg jail. While in exile this individual marries Nadezhda Krupskaya and writes hisfirst book. 

1905-Lenin comes back to Russia amid the chaos with the 1905 trend and getselected for the Russian Cultural Democratic Labour Party command. 

1907-Lenin sees there is no immediate chance of revolution and leavesRussia again for exile in Europe. 

1917-Lenin results to The ussr again following your abdication of Nicholas 2. 

1917-After consolidating his, and the Bolsheviks position, Lenin leads theoverthrow of the Russian Provisional Authorities, and the battle for the WinterPalace in St Petersburg. Over the next days and week this individual consolidates the Bolshevik Party's initial hold on power, a great

d then simply over the pursuing years securesthe victory intended for the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil Conflict. 

1921-Lenin signs a decree presenting the New Economical Policy which, in a stepback from the rules of the innovation, allowed small businesses to once againoperate in the Soviet Union, and to strive to profit from their particular work. 

In 1922 Lenin endures a heart stroke from which this individual never fully recovers by. 

21 January 1924-After almost 12 months bedridden, Lenin dies of a heart attack. 

Lenin's physique was stored...