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To the Shareholders:

These past few years have been extremely trying to get High Area Bikes. Our Kids Bike and Commuter Bicycles have shown free sales and proven to be each of our strongest lines. We have been fortunate enough to establish a following in these product lines and therefore are very competitive in the cycling market. High Land Cycles had a few trouble creating factories and capacity as a result of an underestimation of client demand, but with an early financial loan we were in a position to overcome industry difficulties, reduce our debts, and breakthrough with stable, profitable progress. Consumer confidence has been restored in our product lines and we check out the future to refine this kind of line and prove to investors that we can be a key gamer in the biking market.

Previous, Present, and Future Strategies

8 years ago when we took over High Terrain Bikes, we created short-term and long-term goals for us to achieve to cause you to, our trader, happy and profitable. Our short term desired goals were to generate bikes of good quality and quantity, and our long-term goals would be to create profit for each of our investors. Regrettably, our permanent goals have already been put on carry for the past 6 years due to our mistake in operations and strategic decisions. However , Substantial Land Bikes is a different company today. We are looking forward to begin focusing on our permanent goals. To understand why, let me briefly identify how we reached our present position.

As being a new organization, we have experienced many scenarios and rivals that built us know, simple blunders can cost all of us millions. Searching back by our first year in 2003, we created a temporary goal in creating cycles of almost excellent quality. We increased each of our inspection price to make sure that the customer's received what they wished without any problems with the product. We got careless and realized the expenses behind having almost 73% of our motorcycles inspected. On our subsequent year, we faced near bankruptcy. With the continued support, we made a decision to halt each of our long term desired goals and create new brief terms to assist us drive out of the mess we made. We looked out risk investors to aid with equity and promised to repay that money back with a 10% yearly interest. All of us also intensely invested in new R& M to attract fresh market portions.

In our financial year 2005, we have reclaimed extraordinarily in the frying pan. We altered our functions and bought new manufacturing plant space intended for future R& D by which I will identify later through this report.

During the ten years our company has been in business we are at the most crucial stage of our businesses as we are on our approach to restoration. We are pleased to report, that in 2011, our team has stepped up and that we are within a much better situation then i was at this point in time two years before. As we still move forward, each of our biggest target is to at this point continue to transform our company to a strong contender positioned pertaining to long-term achievement.

In reflecting after the progress we have:

5. Increased the workforce and salary.

2. Increase schooling to help workers become more effective * We plan to play a role in many nonprofit organizations and charities. * Increased our preventative maintenance to make each of our workers and machines secure in the workplace. * Our revenue have surpass over $161, 000, 500

* The stock proceeded to go from bucks. 04 just a couple short years back up to $10. 77...