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Midterm 6-7

rebecca sun Tue Oct nineteen 13: 06: 04 CDT 2010

To succeed in people who wish to hunt, online marketers would work with psychographic segmentation TRUE

Psychographic segmentation

Employed by marketers to group people by beliefs, attitudes, character and way of living The first step in industry aggregation is to determine the main demand pattern within the targeted market AUTHENTIC

The target industry for plaything designed to convey the image of your proper Muslim woman is definitely Arab parents as well as their very own Arab children TRUE

As products enter the maturity stage of their support life cycle, rates tend to go up FALSE

In the event the supply of a product or service is static but the with regard to it diminishes, the price tends to rise BOGUS

People who acquire organic soups would generally be those who are vegetarians, folks who want to try something different and people who stress about health. These types of groups are generally examples of _____ for the soup. industry segments

Procedure for market segmentation

involves identifying groups of people with certain shared needs and characteristics and aggregating these groups in larger industry segments in accordance to their affinity for the product's utility. The sole time of year you will see a luxurious label of chocolates promoted is during November and December as the company tries to create understanding for its merchandise. This is one of: Purchase-occasion segmentation

Ski polish modifications in response to local differences happen to be referred to as _____ segmentation. geographic

Home builders are utilizing _____ segmentation to target people over 55 with homes that have wheelchair-friendly door widths and emmergency 911 wiring


In March 2006, Wal-Mart Stores started out a store segmentation process which will tailor merchandise in every store to its regional consumer bottom. In other words, specific stores will rely on _____ strategies. geodemographics

The _____ for disposable...