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The current curriculum is designed to meet the mission and vision of education philosophy in order to create productive residents which centering on pupils in school as early as in primary level. Teachers at school play a huge role because educators in fulfilling the responsibilities to mold long term generations in line with the components that has been created in developing pupils' abilities for the optimal level and broaden their expertise holistically. Therefore , the full tricks of achieving the goals and objectives started from the bottom part of the plan which concentrates on the basic way to obtain education which in turn grows through the smallest component to educational institutions. The existence of various techniques and methods helps educator in the process of managing class in order to create an effective teaching and learning environment. In accordance to Daniel Duke, 1979, classroom supervision can be defined as the provisions and procedures important to establish and keep an environment by which instruction and learning can occur. The training course TSL 3109, managing the Primary ESL Class room is mainly about exposing and giving the ability to the future teachers approach handle and manage the main classroom with English because the second terminology. As upcoming teachers, this program is very important as it provides the overview for us on how to deal with numerous issues that are available when coping with real learners of major ESL class room. In this record, it discussed on the putting on the areas which have been learned throughout the course. It really is includes the theories, conversation skills, reference and class room management which have been identified from the teaching and learning session.


During my practicum session in Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Perempuan Budriah, I have been given the chance to observe a language lesson pertaining to year 6th pupils conducted by my advising tutor, Encik Muhammad Syafiq Trash can Ahamad. There are several new knowledge and experience I have received while watching the educating and learning process. He is a great English Language tutor with years of experience in English educating. The lesson was educated on The spring 3, 2014. The educator used photographs as the main teaching aids and utilized various types of approaches and techniques throughout the whole teaching and learning process. A brief description regarding the lesson remark will be further more discussed in the next part of this kind of report.


Based upon the demonstrated teaching and learning method, the teacher was able to equilibrium two significant components, Class Instructions and Management Practice in conducting a lessons in an ESL classroom. These two components connect the main aim of the lessons with the goals that need to be attained by the educator. A well-managed classroom will give you suitable surroundings for powerful instructions which in turn engage students in meaningful tasks and support good behavior considering that the beginning before the end of the teaching and learning session. The tutor alternated teacher-centered and pupils-centered approaches in the lesson's actions to keep the pupils interested with the task and make the most of the students time. Based upon the activities which the teacher carried out in the lessons, reading period and match work activity really allows them to stay focus on the lesson. The Instructional Strategies support the instructor to consider the pupils' attention period when planning training activities. Based on the lessons observation, the teacher prevent most of the management problems by employing instructional strategy which participate pupils actively in high-interest lessons activities to meet their interests, requires, and abilities. The instructor in the classroom monitors the pupils' behavior by utilizing Withitness and Overlapping abilities introduced by simply Jacob Kounin (1970)....

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