Religion Makes Women Submissive, obedient, compliant, acquiescent, docile to Males

Annelore Wolfelt

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" Faith Makes Ladies Subservient to Men”

The differences between " eastern” and " western” religions are numerous and various but there are some fundamental commonalities within almost all religions. One of many common threads that run through almost every faith is that ladies are made to be subservient to men. The need to control and dominate girls is found in equally " eastern” and " western” made use of. Confucianism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam most discriminate against women (to varying degrees), by putting women under men. Every single religion declares the need for male dominance over women being a divine order that must and you will be obeyed.

Women are not featured very much in the Bhagavad Gita apart from as a mention of the something else. As a result based away from classroom almost holy text only it is hard to share with what can certainly status is in Hinduism. Even though one may glance at the lack of females in sacred scripture while an obvious signal that women should never be very important if they will aren't possibly worth talking about. However in the Laws of Manu, another Hindu scripture, women are briefly reported. It declares that it is ladies nature to " jump men through this (world); because of this the smart are never unguarded in (the company of) females” (2: 213). " For women can lead astray in (this) world not only a fool, nevertheless even a learned man, and (to make) him a slave of desire and anger” (2: 214). Fear of being seduced by a girl and becoming incapable to her is known as a contributing element to the want men have to dominate girls. This dread that mankind has of can certainly sensuality is a common thread through other religions and ethnicities. Men's ought to control girls might come from the dread that they themselves can be quickly controlled simply by women.

In Confucianism we find the idea of equality between men, but that equality is dependent on a interpersonal hierarchy arranged by the Five Constant Associations: 1) full sovereign coin to subject matter, 2) dad to son, 3) husband to...

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