Solar Container

Scope and Limitation

This kind of research is targeted on the advantages of using an improvised mild amplifier or perhaps " solar power bulb” applying three (3) basic household materials: Normal water, Plastic Container (preferable a one. 5L bottle), and WHITEN. The researchers aims to identify the application, benefits and drawbacks, and some additional important factors like the duration of usage, cost, method of maintenance, plus the suitable environment for application. In addition , the study also requires minimal discipline work, interviews of some respondents in selected areas, and giving instructions and training with regards to the improvisation with the actual light bulb and its protection. Selection of the respondents are merely limited to occupants of stressed out areas especially informal settlers since they are most likely in the situation in which such development could be effective considering the structure of their homes. Houses in such areas normally developed so close to each other due to limited space therefore constraining the daylight that can move through. Also, the solar light can only become installed within a direct roofing-ceiling structure as a hole has to be etched inside the roofing in which the bulb will be fitted in. Essential aspects to the research are the access to solar light or perhaps sunlight, climate, and the day time itself considering that the solar light bulb only works during daytime as it only amplifies daylight that passes throughout the bottle. Therefore , daytime is additionally one of the limiting factors on this research. Nevertheless , it is even now very much appealing considering the affordable it requires with promising outputs that can be produced and employed for a considerable life long time. To put it briefly, the limiting factor is actually outweighed by advantages which can be gained from this study. Each of our study would not offer a everlasting replacement for electric powered lighting nevertheless only provides an alternative which will give reduced electricity bills, well-lit houses and hazard-free environment (fire due to electrical malfunction). This analyze is not our own idea; we structured this analysis from previously researches and projects created by both international and local persons.

Definition of Terms


The refractive properties of water makes certain that the light from the sun that reaches the lining of the container becomes omni-directional mimicking a power light bulb. Whiten

It stops the water by turning green with dirt and guarantees a high quality light keeping the drinking water clear for a longer time. Bleach using its cleaning properties reduces health risks from infections. Light

The natural agent that energizes sight, makes things obvious and provides lighting. Specifically the sunshine coming from the sunshine is the main need in this study. Refraction

It's the bending of sunshine as it moves from one compound to another. In this article, the light beam passes coming from air to glass and back to air. The twisting is caused by the differences in density between your two substances.

Theoretical Construction

This study is based on legislation of Refraction. When lumination travels from a single medium to a different, it generally bends, or refracts. The law of refraction gives all of us a way of forecasting the amount of bend. This law is more complicated than that for representation, but an understanding of refraction will probably be necessary for our future discussion of lenses and their applications. Legislation of refraction is also known as Snell's law, named to get Willobrord Snell, who discovered the law in 1621.

In this examine, the analysts will be applying 2 particular materials that will assist refraction possible. The water-filled bottle virtually refracts minimal light nevertheless the water can be mixed with some bleach, a chemical reaction triggers the water to somehow become murky creating more refraction and thus mimicking the light result of a 55-watt electric bulb. The whiten also provides for a cleansing agent preventing wrack from gaining the bottle of wine eliminating the advantages of maintenance and cleaning intended for at...