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The consequence of Stress Relief Project towards the Levels of Pressure and Self-Esteem of Senior High School Students in Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite A. Y 2012-2013

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Fresh Psychology

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Beltran, Donna Bhel V.

Garais, Karl Angelo L.

Medina, Sabrina Summertime S.

Bachelors of Science in Psychology 2-A

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Ms. Sheila Marie Pamfilo

April 4, 2013


With profound appreciation, the analysts extend all their wholehearted gratitude to the following that made this research conceivable: To their individual families and relatives, intended for providing these abundant like, support and inspiration throughout the process of making the themes for the intervention system and the exploration paper itself. To Baby Jesus Colleges Cavite, to be so supporting and considerate in the study and for allowing the experts carry on the intervention system with the high school graduation students. For the Senior High School Students of Infant Christ Colleges Cavite, for being active during the input program and sharing experiences with the experts. The research workers are also thankful to learn the euphoric pleasures from the participants. To the close friends of the experts, for their frequent encouragements during the highs and lows from the research paper. The research workers are thankful for the support of their friends who helped them as you go along in the producing of the last paper. To Ms. Sheila Marie Pamfilo, our Experimental Psychology teacher, for the undying patience and frustrating support that help that you offered despite of the mistakes and discrepancies inside the study. Primarily, the analysts acknowledge all their complete indebtedness to the Master Almighty for each and every gift of unconditional appreciate. He provides blessed these people. Indeed, this kind of research paper was made feasible and is at this point reality with God's style and is designed for His increased glory.

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The Effects of Anxiety Alleviation Project to the Degrees of Stress and Self-Esteem of Senior High School Pupils in Toddler Jesus Educational institutions Cavite A. Y 2012-2013


Donna Bhel Sixth is v. Beltran

Karl Angelo M. Garais

Sabrina Summer T. Medina

The analysis was carried out to determine the effects of Stress Alleviation Project for the senior high school registrants of Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite in terms of their particular stress and self-esteem levels. The study was conducted in Infant Christ Colleges Cavite. A total of 20 elderly students of the said company were mixed up in study. Two tests had been administered to gather the necessary info. The research workers used Rosenberg Self-Esteem Level and Perceived Stress Scale in order to identify the levels of self-esteem and stress from the participants. The researchers used the pretest-posttest control group design beneath true trial and error design to determine the effect of the intervention program to the given variable of the participants. Basic random sampling was used in this study to gather the participants. The data had been gathered and statistically treated through: Frequency, which gives the interest rate of occurrence of a certain data. Mean, the industry measure of central tendency of a collection of numbers taken as the sum of the numbers divided by the size of the collection. Independent t-test confirmed if there is a statistically factor between the means in two unrelated organizations. And previous, dependent t-test was used to compare the means of two related groups to identify whether there are any statistically significant distinctions between these means. (initial levels and attainment level)

Results implies that there is no significant difference on the stress and self-esteem levels of high school graduation students of Toddler Jesus Educational institutions Cavite after being exposed to the intervention software Stress...