Good morning! Now i'm Mary Jobelle M. Lazaro vying for csc-cba councilor under the party of KAYABE- Kanlungan at Yaman ng Bawat Estudyante.

Being part of the student authorities is very difficult because it requires a lot of responsibilities, work and personal sacrifices. In spite of those activities, here I am once again standing ahead of you, ready to take one more step and able to take the problem to lead each of our college. I've decided to work as a councilor for the 2nd time since I know I use so much more to provide. I have already been amazed using what can be made out of the ashes of knowledge. I just want to talk about lang po- I'm a KARATE-do person kasi and as a player we have been trained to concentrate on three essential things: STRENGHT, DETERMINATION and TEAM-WORK. Similarly my plan for our college centers on these kinds of values.

We really need a council that will help us build strong skills and competencies important to succeed. We need a authorities that will inspire us to persevere to excel in our academics and extra curricular involvements. And we need a council that will encourage us to become involved in the affairs of your university and work as a team.

Isa sa pinakapinaghahandaang event ng CBA ay ang BUWAN ng WIKA. Kung inyong matatandaan noong nakaraang celebration ng BNW ang College or university of Business and Accountancy ang tinanghal na TOTAL CHAMPION. Isa sa mga layunin ng CSC-CBA ang makamit ulit ang titulong ito by shempre ito'y hindi magiging possible kung wala ang suporta at kooperasyon ninyo. My dear CBA learners let's work HAND-in-HAND pra makamit natin ang layuning ito. Allow us to streghten each of our foundations of strength, determination and team-work, so that together we may soar- KAYABE U KAMI!.

Mere terms and words can only satisfy the yearning for short- term pleasure. Having a plan is a very important factor but actually doing it is yet another. Knowing the path is something but basically driving the automobile is another. We run to get CSC-CBA councilor not only because I understand how the system...