the art of jeepney riding, The heritage of smallness and that we are the foods we eat

The Art of Jeepney Driving

1 . What have you think about the perspective of the creator?

I think mcdougal just want to talk about his experience in using a jeepney and at the same time how Filipino attributes are describes or display in jeepney riding. The author connects how the people acts when riding a jeepney and how that they act in real life. Certainly one of what this individual mentions is around how Filipinos are opportunistic because they cover more space than they must. Mostly what he published was about the negative side of Filipino, like how we are merely settling available when in reality if we want we can have more than that. It also mention regarding our politics issue and exactly how we are simply accepting the simple fact that the " isip-agila” which is the politicians are just treating/looking at us just like their prey nevertheless we are performing nothing about this. The author is saying that the low income that our country was suffering from was certainly our wrong doing because of the thought that instead of broadening our assets we settled for limited resources and tend to overexploit it. We have to enlarge the resources and not just settled for sale. But in some manner I like what he said about the Filipinos being patience and having a very good humor.

2 . Do you go along with them? So why or why not?

Yes, Certainly with the creator because I actually am as well aware of that which was happening inside our society and i also can see that all the things that having been saying will be real. We Filipinos are very practical, like what this individual said regarding the regions of the rooster being bbq in which the particular feather was being thrown and all other parts are cooked. This shows how we are trying everything to raise our living however obviously there is nothing changing. We have to go further than just exploiting our little resources, we have to think big, aim for much larger opportunities and not just being comfortable about what all of us already have.

a few. Can you correspond with them?

Yes I can. I think most of us may relate to this because I believe that just about all Filipinos will be riding a jeepney or have experience...