Chapter 1

Dota Addiction


Dota means `Defense with the Ancients' relating to Icefrog the head of Blizzard group. This video game is a custom made scenario pertaining to warcraft 3 based on the`Acon of strife'map for starcraft. The objective of the scenario is to destroy the opponents `Ancients'. The two clubs ancient are heavily protected structure in opposing corner of the map. Players make use of powerful devices know because heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI controlled combats called `creeps'-Players level-up their particular hero and use precious metal to buy equipment during the quest. The Situation was developed with the world publisher of Keign Chaos and was updated upon the release of it is expansions, The Frozen Tub. There hare been many variations in the birigihal principle; The most popular becoming Dota Allstars which at some point was basic to Dota with the discharge of edition 6. sixty-eight. The specific scenario has been taken care of by many authors during development, The most up-to-date of which being the anonymous designer known as Icefrog developing the overall game since june 2006

Statement with the Problem:

This kind of research should identify the positive and negative effects of playing dota. The following will problem will be answered. *What is really happening in the event they play dota

*Does dota can help intended for teenager

*What are the risk of playing dota


It Do it yourself – For me the importance of dota is the fact you can gain cash Teenagers – They can receive skills of playing dota or the could possibly get value of leadership by playing dota, They can as well gamble & play dota. Parents – Parents are usually get frustration of their kids and Parents could get nothing of playing dota they can obtain headaches & disappointment with their child. Community – The importance of dota to the community is they can honor town Ex. In their town there is a lots of very well players and they joined the tournament & they get because of competition the take honor in their town.

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